Why choose tpe Love doll? How shall we count the ways? There really are too many to list here. Hell, we’d need volumes. There is a TPE Love Doll to fulfill any tastes. Whether you like big breasts, blond hair, red hair, blue eyes or green, we have the woman of your dreams.

When you come home from a hard days work all you want to do is relax. No worries. Grab a beer and saddle up next to your TPE Love Doll. She’s waiting with no nagging or fussing. When you’re ready, she’s ready. Use her how you wish and release the tensions of the day.

If you like oral, we have those girls. Like anal? Got it covered. It makes no difference to her if you use her mouth, ass, or vagina. You won’t get any complaints. She’s your girl ready to please you in any way. She is articulated so you can position her any way you like.

If you’ve read this far you are probably interested in a TPE Love Doll. You more than likely have owned a blow up doll. Boring! And those silicone gals are so expensive. So, what makes it so special over a silicone doll? Let’s take a quick look.

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer or also called thermoplastic rubbers. It’s a soft pliable material used in many common products such as handles because of it’s elastic, cushioning nature, and it’s shock absorption properties. It’s also much less expensive than latex. It’s hypoallergenic so you’re less likely to have a reaction.

The sticker shock of a silicone doll is probably what put you off buying one. Because TPE is cheaper to make and much easier to work with, the price of your dream girl is a bit less than a silicone doll. So go ahead and decide what features you want. Take a look around. And we’ll have the girl you always wanted on her way.



Special tpe love dolls are amazing aides that unleash the wildest sexual fulfillment at any given time. Realistic appearance is just what is needed to get things going. This fun to have acquaintance comes in various models in order to give decent choice.

  • Skin ultra soft & realistic in TPE
  • Metalic skeleton entirely articulated
  • Free accessaries
  • Height from 68cm to 165cm
  • Free & Discreet Delivery
  • 10 work days of delivery
  • 24/7 Support & Service
  • Payment 100% Secure




Product Description The question in everyone mind when it comes to sex dolls is if they are safe and do they provide pleasure .The Silicone Sex dolls are made up of natural safe real silicone so that each geogreous girl feels real and they are durable lasting atSilicon Sexy Doll least 3-5 years which makes sense and it is an Return On Investment.Apart from the durability it is flexible and it has limps that can be manipulated to different sex positions at ease.Usable parts include Vagina ,Mouth ,Anus and Oral.Its height is about 160 cm with a weight of around 32 kg.Its weight is about 61 cm with a hip of about 82 cm.It is made up of stainless steel alloy skeleton. Maintaining A Silicon Sexy Doll Silicon Sexy doll is water proof and some you must avoid rubbimg its surface with a rough object since it could damage the silicon instead use soft facecloth.  

Differences between tpe love doll and silicone love doll and their pros and cons

With the recent growth in the sex dolls industry, sex toys manufacturers have found better approaches to building sex dolls at more economical prices and still retain the proper quality of these dolls. Before, several materials were used in manufacturing such as plush, vinyl, fabric, and latex. But the elements gave little success since they did not provide a realistic look, nor a high-quality texture; which was neither smooth nor soft and was tough to maintain. At the point when the Asian market started demanding less expensive sex dolls, Chinese companies began experimenting with TPE. This material gave a less expensive yet the best quality alternative to silicone. Some of the differences between TPE love dolls and silicone love doll include;• TPE dolls skin are more realistic compared to Silicon• TPE dolls are more affordable compared to silicon• TPE dolls are softer than silicon• TPE are more flexible, for easier handling.• Silicone dolls more sticky than TPE. • Silicone dolls can be taken for hot baths; TPE dolls cannot. These dolls both have their pros and cons Silicone Pros• They have the most realistic vagina and anus of all dolls.• Retain warmth and they are less sensitive to heat.• They are Easier to clean and can be sterilized.• Less maintenance compared to TPE dolls. Silicone Cons• Expensive.• Sticky to touch• Not as soft as TPE, • Buttocks and breasts won’t wiggle when rocking your doll, as they do with TPE. TPE pros• TPE are softer in touch.• They have a more elastic material making them more flexible thus handling several positions.• Retains warmth, but it's sensitive to too much heat.• They are less expensive.TPE Cons• Their material is more stain sensitive • They are a bit sticky. You can rub baby powder on your doll to fix this• They are porous. Moisture left inside the vaginal and anus will result to growing mold.• TPE cannot be sterilized. It’s hard to choose the right doll, which is the reason you ought not to rush when making your choice. Take as much time as you like, look at them and let your imagination do the choosing. But from my point of view, TPE dolls are better since they are more advantageous.

A safe sexual encounter is always top priority so there is no need to fuss about when opting for this fantastic range of offers. Realistic looking dolls are fun companions that will provide the ultimate experience or just simply exciting company to hang around with.

Fantasy is a powerful tool that always brings out the best of the imaginative mind. Do not miss out on this one of a kind chance to take things a notch higher with an incredibly lovable aide. Introducing a little fun during intimacy may be the missing ingredient that will transform the entire experience into heart racing moments of sheer pleasure.

It is easy to get carried away for long wonderful episodes of uninhibited pleasure play, which is always a good thing. Anxiety is taken away once the full benefits of a handy companion start to set in. For a first time encounter nothing can equal the joy and anticipation that will definitely come about.

Discreet packaging on orders keeps clients’ privacy secured. There is an assortment of wonderful safe to use companions that are agreeable to any kind of escapade. Cute life like dolls is just the thing to enhance the sexual experience to a really fiery satisfaction episode.

There is really nothing to hold one back from the best of the fantasy world. Let this lovable companion help out in the most intimate way conceivable. Regardless of taste and preferences there is always something for the pickiest hands. Try out this category of pleasure companions and chances are they will be a special friend that will always be appreciated.